Wood Crusher

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Wood Crusher

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Wood Crusher/Grinder/shredder/ pulverizer/ destructor/ disintegrator
1. Wooden crusher is a new ideal equipment for production wood flour.
2. The raw material of wooden and tree branch can be made become wood flour one time by this machine which have advantage of low investment energy-saving high production rate well economic returns easy to maintain and so on.
3. It is especially suitable for processing wood flour in edible fungus medium production which mainly composed with cutting equipment, crushing equipment and air blower. The whole machine is using by one motor with simple structure, compact arrangement and stable working
4. It also could be used to cutting fiber lever material such as bamboo, thatch, corn stalk, sorghum stalk

1. Low investment with high production output
2. Well economic returns and energy-saving
3. Easy to maintain
4. Stably working with high quality
5. Low cost for processing

Working principle:
It is composed with coarse, small crushing and air conveying ect. The main shaft is running up by the motor which producing high-strength bump /compression stress /cutting force/ frictional force to action on the crushing material., so it have a particular crushing function on cellulosic material

Distinguishing feature:
1. Wooden grinder is composed with organism middle-organism and below organism, there is loaded with trebling determiner circle crushing cutter and fineness analyzer inside of the middle-organism
2. Using 7-type blade /1-type blade/ centrifuge blade including coarse, small crushing and centrifuge for second crushing
3. During the crushing process by the blade, the high-speed airflow is rotating with the destination of the blade, the material is effected by three crushing power which is speeded up by the airflow than repeated impact and cutting frictional. The crushing material is come into the analyzer with the airflow. The material is effect to the centrifugal pull and the airflow centripetal force at the same time so when the centrifugal pull is larger than the centripetal force the thin granule will be collected by the powder collector with airflow and the thick granule is continue to crushing in the crusher.
4. Auxiliary machine is composed with air blower powder collector and dust collector.
Model 500 650 700 800
Material  Diam. (mm) 10-15 10-20 10-25 10-30
Max.   hardness ≤   6.5 ≤ 6.5 ≤ 6.5 ≤ 6.5
water  content ≤ 6% ≤ 6% ≤ 6% ≤ 6%
crushing  fineness 20-325 20-325 20-325 20-325
Output(kg/hr) 100-1200 200-1800 300-2500 400-3000
Motor  Rpm(rpm, /min) 2940 2940 2940 2940
Motor  Power(kw) 18.5-22/4 22-30/4 30-37/4 37-55/4
Air  blower  power(kw) 2.2-4/2 4.5-5.5/2 5.5-7.5/2 7.5-10/2
Weight(kg) 2100 2700 3500 4500
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